Welder, dare to dream

Welder, dare to dream

All innovations start with a dream. Whether it is the dream of a welder or an engineer, technology will always need visionaries who are able to see beyond the ordinary. The welding industry’s orientation is firmly forward, and a lot has happened even in the past few decades. The evolution of technology can be seen in the mere outlook of welding machines: just look at the world’s first inverter power source from the 1970s and Kemppi’s new X8 MIG Welder to witness the difference.

The first steps in modern welding revolution have already been taken, but what will happen next? In September 2017, Kemppi introduced one vision of future welding that could be reality in the years to come. Who knows, the outcome could also be something completely different. The question is whether we are ready for what’s to come.

Welders lead the development

Kemppi’s UX Manager Jussi Kapanen took a deep dive into welding evolution in his LinkedIn post Users’ dreams come true. According to Kapanen, the environment doesn’t always give the push towards change. In user-centered design, it is the welder who is on the driver’s seat in product development. The welders can shape their work environment by guiding the industry to produce professional tools that match their strengths and needs.

However, there’s a catch. It isn’t easy to recognize your underlying needs and voice them to be heard. For this reason, customer interface personnel, such as sales and customer service have a vital role in reading between the lines. In his post, Kapanen points out that sometimes even technologically advanced novelties can feel quite natural when taken into use. It is a sign of change and adaptation: it means that we have been ready for something, and didn’t realize it until we encountered it. In the end, it all comes down to the timing.

So, dare to dream, and the rest will follow.

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