Welding value with X5 FastMig

Welding value with X5 FastMig

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Small improvements in welding efficiency can positively influence overall productivity and establish valuable cost savings. By investing in robust, reliable, and versatile equipment, you can improve and better manage welding project costs.

Average arc-on time is 20% in manual MIG/MAG welding, but the overall labor and material costs resulting from the welding process can increase welding cost impact. Low-grade welding equipment and poor parameter control can result in welding quality issues, establishing extra post-weld processes and even additional equipment maintenance, all demanding extra labor and creating material costs. It all comes down to the details, and by simply selecting the right welding equipment, costs are refocused, welding quality comes under control, and personnel works more productively.

X5 FastMig is the latest premium industrial MIG/MAG welding system from Kemppi Oy, Finland, available in either 400A or 500A models. Offering a refined welding performance and a modular design profile, X5 FastMig matches wide-ranging needs for professional work environments.

Better welding quality means lower costs

You may have skilled welders, but they need good tools to work their magic. X5 FastMig matches those core skills with easy, accurate parameter setting and clean welding quality, for more productive welding.

The majority of welding machine parameter displays define the power source terminal voltage only and do not compensate for ‘voltage drop’ resulting from the electrical resistance in the extended welding circuit. This can mean a significant difference between the ‘actual voltage used’ and what the welder sees in the machine meter display. This can result in inaccurate parameters used and potentially serious welding quality issues.

X5 FastMig includes an Auto Calibration feature, ensuring that the voltage viewed is the voltage used, regardless of cable length and welding circuit resistance. Auto calibration is easy and fast to use, measuring actual welding circuit resistance and compensating any X5 FastMig system setup selected, guaranteeing settings and WPS accuracy.

Featuring Touch Sense Ignition (TSI) technology, X5 FastMig reduces welding spatters and minimizes post-weld cleaning rework, meaning lower labor and material costs, and more finished workpieces per day.

X5 FastMig’s welding arc control can be further optimized with Wise performance processes developed by Kemppi to compliment specific professional welding applications. If production welding is your thing, X5 FastMig offers you the increased Wise performance options.

Heavy work sites demand reach and access

Site welding applications often require a long interconnection cable set between the welding power source and wire feed unit for reach and access. Comparable welding machines increase service and maintenance costs as well as diagnostic and material sourcing time with their multi-cored interconnecting communication cables. X5 FastMig uses standard 3 core cable between the power source and wire feed unit, keeping maintenance costs to the minimum and setting the best industry standard.

Modular and ergonomic design

X5 FastMig is primarily designed for industrial MIG/MAG welding, but also offers DC TIG and MMA welding processes and gouging. The versatile and modular system with its extensive accessories range provides an optimal solution for production lines and workstations, enabling higher arc-on time and better ergonomics.

For example, when working around jigs and fixtures, X5 FastMig offers the option of boom-suspended wire feed units, supporting alternative filler wires, welding parameters, and enhanced welding processes. Select the welding gun and weld, removing the time spent moving between the workstation or changing the setup. Welding gun cables remain off the floor and workflow improves.

Back injury from lifting gas cylinders? The 4-wheeled X5 Gas Cylinder Cart features a pivoting cylinder plate that allows easier and safer gas cylinder loading at floor level without extra lifting.

Heavy filler wire spool loading? X5 Wire Feeder 300 improves occupational safety in when changing the wire spool. The top-loading design means easy access and fast, safe wire loading.

Wrist fatigue? Well-balanced Flexlite GX welding guns feature flexible cable sets and ball-jointed cable protection, reducing wrist loading.

Boom-suspended X5 Wire Feeders

Easy and fast to set up

Before a welder can start working, he needs to know the welding equipment and set the required parameters. With X5 FastMig, you will understand the machine basics in minutes. The AUTO graphical 5.7” TFT screen panel is clear and its use intuitive. Select the filler wire type and size, and the AUTO mode guides parameter setting by wire feed speed – fast and simple.

A manual panel option is also available with a traditional two-knob parameter setting structure.

Insight creates value

If you can measure and monitor, you can normally improve performance overall. Connect X5 FastMig to the WeldEye welding management software and you can measure, record, and analyze your welding performance, and easily take care of routine WPS and personnel qualification management tasks.

With just a few clicks, you can have an up-to-date view on welding work progress or monitor quality in real-time with welding parameters collected digitally from the workstations. WeldEye also provides 100% traceability for any weld produced, validating your quality in the eyes of your customers and providing you a valuable competitive advantage.

Does X5 FastMig deliver welding value? Contact our sales network and see for yourself!

X5 FastMig now available on selected markets.

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