A small welding powerhouse for the shipyard industry

A small welding powerhouse for the shipyard industry

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Kemppi’s new multi-process welding device is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessors, but it stands tall both in terms of power and usability. The Master M 323 is specially designed for shipyard environments and won’t leave the welder in trouble even in tight places.

Shipbuilding and the shipyard industry are demanding environments where working conditions can be challenging. Most of the work is done outside all year round regardless of the weather conditions. The work done indoors, on the other hand, is often focused on small and limited spaces, where lack of natural light also poses a challenge. During the day, a ship welder moves long distances from one welding site to another, in which case the mobility of the welding equipment is of primary importance.

Primarily designed for the needs of the shipyard industry where the quality of the welds is essential, the Master M 323 is best suited for industrial MIG/MAG welding, but also works well for DC TIG and MMA welding. Manual and Auto functions guarantee quick parameter adjustment, and Weld Assist helps the welder choose the right parameters if they are not already familiar with the work task or the material to be welded.

A welder welding in a ship

A trusted welding companion in all situations

The Master M 323 already impressed Meyer Turku shipyard during the pilot phase. The Master M 323 was tested in various applications and daily welding tasks during ship hull assembly and performed exceptionally well. The versatile Master M 323 represents high power in a compact setup, and its standard features and weld quality meet even the most demanding industrial needs. The Master M 323 is 26 % lighter than its predecessor, the Master M 350 series, but is comparable in terms of power output – the 320 A power source can also weld thicker materials.

Entering a dark and tight space is safer and more comfortable with a smaller welding device that is easy to move. The Master M 323 has self-charging LED work lights that are so bright that they enable smooth working even in dimly lit spaces. Hanging the machine is easy thanks to the Safe Lift handle – it can be hung from the reinforced handle without separate hangers.

The Master M 323 is weatherproof and so light that it can be carried by one person without health or safety risks, and a separate transport trolley isn’t required. The Master M 323 is a shipyard welder’s best friend – it willingly goes with you even when you get into a tight spot and offers help for a wide variety of tasks. The Master M 323 offers high-performance welding in a small package.

A welder welding in a ship

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