Improving welder protection with a MIG welding torch heat protector

Improving welder protection with a MIG welding torch heat protector

The welder’s safety and comfort are the most critical factors in the welding industry. Kemppi is a company that strives to improve the welding craft and ensure that welders can work in the best possible conditions. This passion is shown in our cutting-edge products and accessories, such as the Heat Protector for the Flexlite GXe MIG welding torch.

Exceptional ability to retain heat

We conducted a study in an environment with a baseline temperature of +23ºC, where we examined how the Heat Protector helped to keep lower temperatures inside the welder’s glove, especially between the index and forefingers. These areas are often exposed to heat during long welding sessions.

The outcomes were very impressive. The Heat Protector, an accessory that can be used with the Flexlite GXe MIG welding torch, is a breakthrough in protecting the welder’s hand from too much heat. The difference between the temperatures with and without the Heat Protector was significant, demonstrating its ability to lower heat transfer and enhance comfort for the welder.

The graphic from our internal studies reports the welder’s finger temperature with and without the Heat Protector and compared to the level of standard pain tolerance with a thick welding glove

How the Heat Protector works and why it is essential for welders

This clever accessory is made for the welder’s protection, providing a barrier significantly reducing the chance of heat-related problems and injuries. By using the Heat Protector in their welding work, professionals can enjoy longer welding sessions without the discomfort usually caused by high temperatures.

Flexlite GXe MIG torch's Heat Protector is made of silicone.

The difference between Kemppi’s Heat Protector and other equivalent products on the market is its material. The Heat Protector is made of silicone, which has the advantage of lightness and flexibility. Even if the Heat Protector hits the workpiece, it will not vibrate the torch and, therefore, doesn’t cause any welding defect. This also makes the Heat Protector ideal for welding in tight spaces. Another big plus is that the Heat Protector has snap action, so it’s fast to attach or detach to the MIG torch.

But what makes this so essential? Welding produces a lot of heat, and staying near it for too long can cause not only discomfort but also severe injuries. The Heat Protector solves this problem, enabling welders to concentrate more on their skills and less on the risks of working in hot conditions.


To sum up, the Kemppi Flexlite GXe Heat Protector is more than an add-on; it’s a crucial part of any welder’s equipment that improves safety and comfort. The test results show that the Heat Protector lowers the temperature significantly and keeps it below the standard pain tolerance with a thick welding glove, making it a handy device for the welder. At Kemppi, we keep our promise to protect welders, and the Heat Protector shows that promise. Be safe and comfortable, and let the Heat Protector handle the heat.

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