Behind the scenes: The development of X8 MIG Welder

Behind the scenes: The development of X8 MIG Welder

Creating a new product for industrial users is both a long journey and exciting adventure. In his LinkedIn Pulse post, Kemppi’s User Experience Manager Jussi Kapanen recalls the beginning of an ambitious R&D project, when the team was tasked with the target of creating the best MIG welding system in the world, to be loved by users in 2017.

“The purpose of any product is to improve the story that its user lives in. To change a story, the prerequisite is to first know the original story. Any product development must thus be based on user understanding: users’ working days, their wants and needs.”

This thought was a trigger for the development of X8 MIG Welder, Kemppi’s new MIG/MAG welding system. As Kapanen describes in his post, the project was not only about thorough user research and implementing the needs and wants of welders, but also imagining the future of welding and taking the next step in revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

In the end of October 2016, the X8 MIG Welder was finally introduced to the public.


Get behind the scenes of Kemppi’s product development and read the full post “Once upon a time in the world of welding, Kemppi created X8” in LinkedIn Pulse.

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Information available also in FI, DE and NL

Jussi Kapanen is an experienced UX professional with a long career in user-driven design. His innovative and analytical mindset has facilitated the development of wide-ranging new products and company functions.

  1. the reason why this is best is that
    Well-balanced welding guns with an ergonomic handle design make welding more comfortable and productive
    Wire feeder and welding gun lighting enable working in dimly lit conditions

  2. Very informative post
    You have rightly explained about the MIG welding and MIG welder. It is also in demand nowadays. I am also thinking about starting this kind of welding.

  3. What an amazing product X8 welder is very helpful and advanced.

  4. in this post, you have fully explained X8 welder, it is also in demand. This post has many new things which are beneficial for newbies

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