Can you afford to ignore the value of welding knowledge?

Can you afford to ignore the value of welding knowledge?

The welding production chain is complex. Besides the actual welding work, one has to consider resource planning, welding procedure and qualification management, documentation, WPS compliance, standardization and requirements.

And the list goes on.

Welding management software was created to manage and improve the complex nature of this multi-dimensional process. Our claim is that insight creates value. Sometimes the benefits of a system affecting dozens of points in a process are difficult to describe. That is why we decided to boil it all down to a white paper showing real numbers and raw data from actual companies that are already collecting the value. Before diving into all of the possibilities, we would like to leave you with two very concrete numbers.

40-percent-reduced-repair-ratesThe repair cost for welding defects recognized during Non Destructive Testing is a considerable amount of money, especially when accumulated. The ability to recognize the deviations during welding reduces the overall repair costs significantly. What if you could reduce the repair rate by 40%?


Consider the time and costs your company invests on welding documentation. What if you could crank up the speed of your documentation process by 70%?

The question is, can you really afford to ignore the value of welding knowledge?

Get up to speed with the competition and download the white paper with data from real company cases  to find out exactly how insight creates value.

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