What could you save by digitalizing your WPS?

What could you save by digitalizing your WPS?

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The complexity of products makes the WPS development process more time-consuming. As industries move to subcontractor and multi-site based operating models, WPS management also becomes more demanding. During the development of our new offering for demanding industrial welding, we began to rethink the manual WPS. Is the manual way truly the only option in this era of connected systems? Would digitalization offer new efficiency to the use of the WPS?

Eliminate rework and poor welding quality

Digital WPS brings the relevant and latest version of WPS directly to the welder’s control display. It allows the welder to focus more on welding and productive work than on searching and adjusting the welding parameters. Seamless integration to Kemppi’s high-end welding machines, such as the X8 MIG Welder, enables WPS selection and WPS based automatic welding machine adjustments at the shop floor. This decreases the possibility of human error and may prevent welding defects. As a welder, you always know the right welding parameters for your task.


Redefine welding management

Digital welding management offers huge time savings in welding coordination, too. In a case of 25 welders with 5 qualifications on average, the total is 250 WPS searches and qualification prolongations per year. In practice, this means one welder per day when done manually. In addition to time savings, digital welding management prevents the overlapping of the WPSs in a multi-site environment.

In another case example with 5 WPS searches per day, the average time spent on each search by a welding coordinator decreased by up to 80% by digital solution. This is possible, when developing and managing your WPS digitally, with a cloud-based solution, such as WeldEye.

Kari Kemppi, Director, Software Customer Operations

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