Pioneering is a state-of-mind – now and 25 years ago

Pioneering is a state-of-mind – now and 25 years ago

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Experimenting with different ideas, fast and small, then scaling up boldly and even faster – this is my experience of pioneering after a couple of months as Chief Digital Officer at Kemppi. Experimenting was present at Kemppi already 25 years ago, when we developed a new, numeric way to manage arc characteristics and invented the first digital welding power source in the world. Nobody could have imagined that managing the quality of arc welding could be done that fast, precisely and in real time. However, other major welding management breakthroughs were still yet to come.

A lot has happened since those days in the 1990s. We put a lot of effort into improving the management of weld quality and were able to reduce the amount of post-welding work with our optimized special processes also known as Wise software. Our portable MinarcMig welding equipment presented adaptive arc to the manual welding market. Design-thinking and user experience were integrated to our product development. As the latest industry disruptor, X8 MIG Welder, the most advanced multi-process welding equipment with digital WPS function was launched in 2017.

Connected welding management is here to stay

Today, the cloud is a default in digital welding management. The development of cloud services has been exponential, especially in the last couple of years. These days, the cloud is a key enabler of connected, measurable welding management. Kemppi’s response to that need is WeldEye, a universal welding management software.

The need for cloud services reflects the changes in global welding production. Supply chains have become more complex and decentralized, the workforce more liquid and less experienced, and welded constructions more demanding than before. Robots take care of controlled serial welding.

Of course, we haven’t stopped here. We already have new innovations on the way in the areas of maintenance and support. We are experimenting with augmented reality and different user interfaces to further provide optimal support for welders in their work. We will continue to co-create with our end customers in the areas of shipbuilding, oil and gas, and other welding-related industries.

Digital never stops!


If you would like a taste of pioneering, activate your free 14-day trial period of the WeldEye for Welding Procedure and Qualification Management module, enabling efficient and easy management of welding procedures and personnel qualifications. Why not give the new way of welding management a try?

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