Born to Weld – Reasons to Choose a Career in Welding

Born to Weld – Reasons to Choose a Career in Welding

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Global welder shortage has recently been a hot potato of the welding industry. Besides the ever-growing manufacturing and construction industries and the need for skilled welders, the lack of knowledge misleads young people to choose other career options. Thomas Käferböck, a young Austrian welder, encourages the youth to take up welding. But what is so fascinating about welding?

Thomas Käferböck has already left his footprint on the welding industry. His welding career started as a hobby at the age of 15. By now, at the age of 25, he has already won the local Austrian Skills competition in welding twice; in 2014 and 2016. He also participated in the European level competition EuroSkills in Hungary in 2018, and global level WorldSkills in Brazil in 2015. Thanks to these competitions and his welding skills, Thomas has now a promising career as a Welding Instructor at Kemppi’s German subsidiary, Kemppi GmbH.

“It is cool to see the arc burning. I have always been into metalwork, though at the beginning of my career I knew very little about welding,” tells Thomas. He is not the only one – many young people do not have enough information on welding as a career option.

Welding career benefits that you did not know about

Welders have work to do basically all around the globe, that is for sure. If you have the required education and skillset, you will find a job. And in most cases, even a well-paid one. Skilled and experienced welders can often choose where to work.

If you have the required education and skillset, you will find a job. Skilled and experienced welders can often choose where to work.

There are misconceptions about the welding industry. However, welding is no longer dark, dirty, and dusty. In many cases, it is clever, cool, and clean. Modern technologies often allow welders to be the kings of cutting-edge technology and intelligent machines, not their slaves. Occupational safety has also increased significantly in the welding industry, and the protective equipment offers both comfort and reliability at the very highest level. For instance, Thomas prefers to weld with Kemppi’s Beta e90X helmet; it offers the utmost protection for eyes and face and is also light and comfortable to use.

Welding calls for skills that are highly appreciated in the industry. In the long run, anyone can learn the basics of even the most advanced welding machine. Only some, however, have what it takes to be a good welder.

Could you be a welder?

Welding, at its best, is craftwork – perfect harmony between a man (or a woman) and a machine. Thomas mentions that one of the most important characteristics of a good welder is to keep calm. Welding requires some patience and good nerves. Even under pressure, a good welder keeps his pace and does not compromise quality with speed. There is a myth of women being better TIG welders than men, and Thomas confirms this to be true: “Ladies have the soft touch and the patience needed.”

Welding is precise. Strict standards often label the welding industry, and there is no room for deviations. The neater and more high-quality the welds are, the less time is spent on after-treatment such as grinding.

Kickstart your career with Kemppi

Kemppi participates as one of the sponsors in Euroskills 2021 held in Graz, Austria in September 2021. Kemppi wants to support young people in their career choices and offer them opportunities and moments of delight in welding.

“To young welders; EuroSkills is a great experience and the perfect opportunity to meet and communicate with experts from different fields. If you have a vision for your future, never stop trying hard. Do what you like,” encourages Thomas.

EuroSkills is a great experience and a perfect opportunity to meet and communicate with experts from different fields.

Kemppi cooperates actively with educational institutes on different levels in several countries. Partnering with educational institutes enriches welding research, development, and innovation activities while enabling diverse work and training opportunities for students. Such cooperation includes offering young students opportunities to familiarize themselves with the working life and different professions at Kemppi.

Organizing company visits at Lahti headquarters and participating in career fairs and other student events in Finland have served as important means in introducing Kemppi as an employer at different institutions. In addition, Kemppi has created several cooperation models with local educational institutions and is strongly involved in developing a curriculum based on the real needs of working life to ensure the needed competencies of the graduates.

EuroSkills is a vocational skills competition for young people up to the age of 25. Selected representatives from countries across Europe compete for the European championship in more than 40 different skills at the event. For the first time in the competition’s history, EuroSkills will be organized in Austria from 22-26 September 2021.

Discover Kemppi’s EuroSkills 2021 event site

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