Comprehensive service network saves time and money

Comprehensive service network saves time and money

Investing in a welding machine does not end when you have made the purchase and received the device. Keeping the machine up and running for its entire lifecycle and maintaining a high arc time are aspects that many overlook when choosing the machine.

Kemppi’s welding machines are of high quality, but even they need maintenance and service every now and then. The availability of spare and consumable parts is also a big point to consider. Luckily, Kemppi’s service workshop network is just as comprehensive as the products themselves.

A global network of service workshops ensures availability

Kemppi’s service workshop network is widely available in all countries with subsidiaries and distributors. From the north of Norway to South Africa, and as far as Ecuador in the west and New Zealand in the east, there are service workshops available in more than 70 countries around the globe. This means help and parts are relatively near, no matter where you are in the world.

Local experts provide local assistance

Global availability also means local expertise. In most countries you can get service and assistance from a local service provider. You can either deliver the machine to a local service workshop for repairs, or even get onsite assistance, depending on the machine and the availability in your area.

Local experts tend to know what kind of machinery is used in their area, which means they know which spare and consumable parts they should keep in stock. These trained professionals are ready to help you out, even when you just need information and instructions.

Speedy service saves both time and money

When the service workshops are nearby and the local experts know what kinds of parts are needed in their area, you won’t have to send your machines very far to get repairs and maintenance. The waiting time is shorter, and you can get service faster. This means less downtime and more arc time for your machines, also making the payback period of the machine shorter.


Case: Indian Railways

Kemppi has been in business with Indian Railways since the 1980s, providing them with batches of new welding machines every few years.

In addition to the high quality of the machinery, a key driver in this deal was the availability of local service and support. Kemppi also maintains their existing pool of devices, guaranteeing spare and consumable parts for 15 years from the date of purchase.

Find Kemppi’s local service network near you!

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