More than a great weld – Kemppi sets the standard for compact MIG/MAG welding machines with the new Master M series

More than a great weld – Kemppi sets the standard for compact MIG/MAG welding machines with the new Master M series

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The new Master M series focuses on usability, bringing welding safety and productivity to a whole new level.

Sure, the new Master M series are great welding machines, premium compacts filled with the latest technical advancements, such as the Weld Assist, kinetic spool brake, Power Logic, and LED lighting. Sure, the new series offers a compact but powerful MIG/MAG welder for manual, synergic, and pulse MIG welding. However, these are but a few of the elements that set them apart from other welding machines.

The reason why the Master M series is worth the hype is the combined value it brings, extending the welding experience, and simply making a welder’s life easier. The Master M 353, 355, and 358 have all been designed with the welder’s convenience in mind.

MasterMig family and three different transport units
Master M 353+T35A travel cart, Master M 355+Master M Cooler+T25MT 2-wheel cylinder cart and Master M 358+Master M Cooler+P45MT 4-wheel cylinder cart

Getting started is no longer the hardest part: Master M is easy to move and quick to set up

The Kemppi Weld Assist function makes the setup of welding parameters up to 60% faster than manual setup. Weld Assist is a standard feature in the Master M series compact welding machines and it’s ready to use out of the box. Simply select your joint type, welding position, and material thickness and you’re ready to weld. This not only saves working time, but also guides new welders in the process.

In addition to Weld Assist, there are several other helpful setup features: Channel Memory stores your favorite weld settings at the press of a button, and Auto Calibration guarantees best performance and ensures the meter voltage accurately matches the arc voltage, which is critical for WPS compliance.

Master M is also easy to move to and from the worksite as it has a sturdy, safe-lift grab handle that can also be used to lift the power source by crane without a separate chassis. There are also four different transport cart options to select from, depending on your setup needs. Not to mention the optional SuperSnake GTX sub feeder that can add up to 20 extra meters to your working range.

MasterMig with SuperSnake GTX sub feeder
SuperSnake GTX

Built-in work lights bring safety to all worksites

We all know welding is not usually done in well-lit office environments. Kemppi took customer feedback to heart and added multiple light features that ensure a safer and more convenient working environment in low light conditions:

  • The integrated self-charging LED work lights support extended usability, with or without the mains power connected, and come as a standard feature on all Master M models. No more separate work lights to carry around.
  • The cabinet window provides a clear view of the wire spool and has LED lighting within, making it easy to see the spool level.
  • The 353 and 355 models have a custom LCD user interface with backlit navigation buttons for ease of use even in low light work environments. The 358 model has a full color TFT display that you can personalize with a screen saver image to your own liking.

Increased productivity with extended welding performance and Industry 4.0 compatibility

With the optional Master M Cooler liquid-cooled package, you can maximize the use of the 350A 40% ED welding power at 40°C, enabling you to weld longer without breaks.

Built-in connectivity is standard in the 358 model supporting Industry 4.0 compatibility, which enables connecting the device to welding management solutions wirelessly. With it you can transfer and analyze your welding data using Kemppi welding management support tools.

With the Master M 355 and 358 models, you can also increase productivity up to 70% and improve welding control by enabling the new and optional MAX arc performance processes. The MAX processes can be included as a part of your delivery package or as a part of a future upgrade.

Find out more about the Master M series.

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