Zeta welding helmets light up your day

Zeta welding helmets light up your day

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Good ergonomics are essential for anyone who is welding and grinding, so when talking about occupational safety, welding ergonomics shouldn´t be ignored. Let´s talk about that and about a stand-alone welding helmet with excellent ergonomic and visibility features. It´s called Zeta.

Occupational safety for welders typically focuses on welding fumes, but we shouldn´t forget about ergonomics. After all, a welder often works in cramped and challenging conditions, welding in the same position for a long period of time. You need physical endurance to be a welder.

How do you define work ergonomics? My interpretation is this: it aims to adapt the work process, the equipment, and the environment to human needs, not the other way around. In this way, employees’ occupational safety is improved, and their health and well-being are taken care of.

A welder welding

Physical ergonomics for welders is often neglected

Physical ergonomics take care of a person’s anatomical and physiological characteristics in relation to exercise and movement. This includes work postures, material handling, repetitive movements, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, as well as overall health and safety. The basic fact is that employers should create a work environment where it is possible to change the working position often, or at least offer ways to lighten the workload with the help of better equipment.

Zeta welding helmets have a lightweight design

At Kemppi, we have recognized the importance of good work ergonomics when welding and grinding, as well as during the inspection process. That’s why we have developed the new Zeta welding helmet range which ushers in a new era of full-face protection with a lightweight design, top-of-the-line ergonomics, and innovative visibility features. The Zeta product family is designed for working processes where it is ok to use a stand-alone welding helmet instead of a respiratory model.

It is no coincidence that the slogan for the Zeta product family is light up your day because it nicely sums up all the advantages Zeta welding helmets offer you. First and foremost, the lightweight, narrow-shaped, and well-balanced design significantly improves welding work ergonomics by relieving strain on the neck and shoulders.

Advanced vision features improve accuracy and reduce eye fatigue

The integrated battery-powered LED work lights available for the Zeta W200x welding helmet and the G200x grinding helmet are a unique Kemppi feature which improves work accuracy and reduces eye fatigue. The work lights offer another benefit – the battery pack on the neck band provides extra balance while improving ergonomics.

The Zeta welding helmet´s ADF has a significantly large viewing area and the Zeta grinding helmet has a high visor with a 180° horizontal view. On top of that, the Zeta ADF is an improved version with VISION+ technology which increases vision quality and work accuracy. A DIN 2.5 light-state means that you can enjoy sharp colors and great visibility through the filter even when the welding arc is inactive.

An image of the ADF

Let’s not forget about protection against welding fumes

Of course it is good to keep in mind that when welding certain materials, or working in areas where the fresh air connection is limited, it is important to protect against welding fumes by wearing a welding helmet with a respirator system and/or using a fume extraction welding gun. It is also extremely important to follow the national legislation and safety regulations for risk assessment and to act accordingly.

All in all, we at Kemppi care about welding safety and take a comprehensive approach to it. The Zeta product family is a great example of our evolving product development and there´s more to come.

So stay tuned!

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