The heat resistance of the HD welding gun makes a welder's work more efficient

The heat resistance of the HD welding gun makes a welder's work more efficient

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When the workload gets heavy and the days get longer, both welders and their welding guns heat up. Emotions can be cooled down with a cup of coffee, but the welding gun only cools down by taking regular breaks. To keep these breaks as short as possible, optimizing the thermal conductivity and heat resistance of the welding gun are important in daily work.

An overheated welding gun could represent a safety risk in the long run. Frequent long-term exposure to extensive heat is hard on both the parts and the consumables of the welding gun. If a welding gun at the end of its lifecycle is not replaced in time, parts damaged by excessive heat can eventually lead to dangerous situations. Frequent replacement of consumables is expensive, but necessary to guarantee quality welding. Managing parts and consumables requires money and the welder’s daily working time, which could be better spent welding.

A heavy-duty welding gun is designed for harsh conditions

Kemppi’s Flexlite GX-G has been a synonym for a high-quality gas-cooling MIG welding gun for years. It is known for its light construction, top-level ergonomics, and excellent welding properties, and it is perfectly suited for daily work even in challenging conditions. However, there is always room for improvement, and product development never ends. Kemppi’s product development team focused its attention on material choices and composition to further improve the heat resistance properties of the welding gun. This is how the Flexlite GX-GHD product family was born.

The letters “HD” in the product name stand for “heavy-duty” – HD welding guns are primarily designed for rough use and harsh conditions. They have been tested and tried out in Australia, where heat and humidity pose considerable challenges to welding.

Thanks to the steel structure and better insulation, the heat tolerance of the HD welding gun is up to 30% better than its predecessor. Furthermore, better cooling and thermal conductivity increase the service life of consumables and reduce interference with wire feeding. The end result is high-quality welds with a longer duty ratio.

Testing based on the traditional IEC standard shows that the load capacity of the welding gun has achieved a duty ratio of 35%, but the new design and composition of the HD welding gun can withstand reasonable overloads if needed. At Kemppi, IEC standards for duty ratio are tested thoroughly and the results are communicated transparently. Welder safety is never compromised.

Kemppi GX403GHD5 welding torch with 5 meter cable
Kemppi GX403GHD5 torch

Materials change, quality remains – consumable parts compatible with previous models

The new and improved features are achieved with clever material choices. For example, brass parts are replaced with steel, insulation has been added, and a new type of steel neck shield extends the life of the HD welding gun to make it a safe workhorse in all welding conditions. Consumable parts are 100% compatible with previous models, so the welding gun can be used alongside them, and the pricing is still moderate – the new features do not make the Flexlite HD welding gun an unattainable luxury. Ergonomic design and ease of use have not been compromised either.

In addition to compatible consumables, Kemppi has developed a selection of multi-necks to extend the service life of an existing welding gun. Versatile necks for different uses can be changed quickly – it is easy to attach the torch to the conveyor with a straight neck. Joining pieces quickly is possible when standing while using a 600 mm neck, and the 300A flexible neck is suitable for special applications. The HD neck is also available as a replacement neck, allowing you to quickly upgrade an old replacement neck pistol to the HD version.

The product range includes 300 A and 400 A versions for Kemppi’s series 3 and 5. Available cable length options are 3.5m and 5m.

Using a high-quality and durable welding gun that’s ready for tough conditions is the sign of a professional. It fits comfortably in your hand and makes work easier, while offering long-term cost savings. At Kemppi, extensive product development is done so that you have every reason to choose the Flexlite GX-GHD as your next welding gun.

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