Power and Performance for Robotic Welding

Power and Performance for Robotic Welding

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Kemppi’s new robotic welding machine is significantly more efficient and versatile than its predecessors. The AX MIG Welder is designed to maximize the potential of any robotic welding system – it offers powerful uninterrupted performance, an easy-to-use interface, and high-quality welds for more productive robotic arc welding operations.

Repeatable high-quality welds

The benefits of robotic welding emerge in series production, where high-quality welds and standardized production processes are important. Compared to manual welding, robotic welding eliminates the possibility of human error, makes work more efficient and faster, and thus increases productivity. A good robotic welding system is a trusted partner with enough power for any task, while operating reliably for long periods of time.

A few welding robots welding

A high-volume manufacturer chooses the AX MIG Welder  

Leimet Oy was looking for a modern MIG/MAG robotic arc welding solution to help them make steel piling products. They tried the AX MIG Welder and were immediately impressed during the piloting phase. The strength and durability of Leimet’s products and the safety of end users are essential aspects of Leimet’s business. Though simple in structure, Leimet’s products require solid engineering know-how and expertise, as well as durable high-quality welds to guarantee the safety of a building’s end users. Welding plays a central role in Leimet’s production, and currently, they have approximately 40 employees and more than 30 welding robots in use. Leimet mainly does industrial MIG/MAG welding of black steel, and the common, but most challenging tasks are welding butt joints to other steels, such as flat or round steels.

What is important to us is the functionality of the welding machine, uninterrupted work, and long service life, as well as the maintenance and the availability of spare parts in case of any problem“, explained Leimet’s CEO and family entrepreneur Antti Leino.

With a 430 A duty cycle of 100%, the performance and power of the AX MIG Welder masters challenging and long-lasting robotic welding tasks with ease. Reliable functionality guarantees that there are no unnecessary time-consuming interruptions at the factory.

Special processes and an intuitive user interface

Integrated MAX and Wise special processes and a wide range of different functions improve productivity and shorten payback time. Special processes are fine-tuned and preset to optimize productivity at welding speeds typically used in robotic welding. The same device can therefore be used for a wide variety of welding tasks and applications. Moreover, the AX MIG Welder is a modular system – the complete and balanced process package includes a wire feeder, X5 FastMig power supply, intermediate cables, and a cooling device. If needed, the power source can be disconnected from the robot for manual welding. In that case, the RCM box connecting the power source to the robot on top of the power source is changed to a wire feeder.

The clear and easy-to-use web browser user interface of the power source allows you to control the AX MIG Welder remotely with a computer or mobile device.

Welding robot operator setting parameters with mobile pad

The advantage of the wireless user interface is clear to see in welding tasks where the power source has to be placed out of reach of the operator. In that case making adjustments with a tablet or mobile application is justified,” described Leimet’s Production Technician Kalle Laine.

High productivity is the sum of many things: power, quality, ease of use, and durability. The AX MIG Welder was developed in cooperation with professional welders to ensure that it meets the unique demands of robotic welding. It is a comprehensive solution that ensures repeatable high-quality welds while maximizing productivity for welding operators.

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