Accurate welding data monitoring and cost-savings that count

Accurate welding data monitoring and cost-savings that count

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When it comes to demanding welding tasks, quality matters more than quantity. Furthermore, the current standards – especially the norms applied to subsea welding – require that quality is constantly observed, measured, and reported. Without digital quality control systems, this task may prove to be overly costly and time-consuming. Kemppi’s WeldEye Quality Control is a universal software solution for verifying compliance of welding quality with welding procedure specifications. When integrated into the customer’s operating systems, WeldEye Quality Control brings considerable savings. Let’s listen to some user experiences from Norway.

Aker Solutions delivers integrated solutions, products, and services to the global energy industry. By combining innovative digital solutions and predictable project execution, the company helps accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production, encourages low-carbon oil and gas production, and develops renewable solutions to meet future energy needs. Aker Solutions employs worldwide nearly 16,000 employees in 52 locations. The company has been using WeldEye Quality Control at its yard in Egersund, Norway, since 2018.

This is an image about Aker Solutions buildings in Egersund.
Aker Solutions in Egersund

We use WeldEye for digital monitoring of welding parameters on most critical piping welds. WeldEye works best for welds with high-quality requirements, where welding parameters are monitored as a requirement.
Before WeldEye, one welding inspector was needed for each welder and each monitored weld. They monitored the welding parameters and measured current, voltage, and welding time manually. Then they would have to manually enter the data into the welding report using paper and pen. The system was extremely inefficient and expensive, and always left a chance for human error”, explains Sergei Zakhvataev, Discipline Lead Welding Coordinator at Aker Solutions in Egersund.

Our expectations for digital monitoring entailed having a simple and easily repeatable process that would speed up our daily work, and furthermore would not require huge investments from our side. WeldEye Quality Control met all our expectations. The welders are also satisfied with the solution – they understand that the monitoring is a standard project requirement, and they feel less stressed when there isn’t a physical person standing next to them overlooking their work”, Zakhvataev continues.

The picture of Sergei
Sergei Zakhvataev, Discipline Lead Welding Coordinator, Aker Solutions

Heat input control and reliable real-time data

By collecting welding parameter data from the workstations, WeldEye Quality Control produces valuable information and documentation regarding welding quality and provides 100% traceability for welding production all the way down to individual welds. The software immediately reports any welding deviations, which enables real-time quality control and ultimately reduces overhead costs. Various project management functions improve the monitoring of welding project progress and support the centralization of project documentation under a single software solution.

On a daily basis, the welding parameters produced at Aker are automatically monitored and saved in WeldEye; the welder just needs to measure the weld length and feed it into a mobile device connected to WeldEye. The heat input is automatically calculated and compared to the heat input range in the welding procedure (WPS), and if the welder welds outside the WPS welding parameters, a notification is immediately issued to adjust the welding speed to meet the heat input required. All the parameters are stored in WeldEye and are available in real time for welding coordinators to evaluate.

The image shows digital monitoring in a mobile phone view in front of a welder welding his work
Digital monitoring in use.

Customers of Aker Solutions are increasingly using the DNV standard DNVGL-RP-B204 “Welding of subsea production system equipment”. This standard requires the monitoring of welding parameters, whether manually or digitally. Customers are satisfied with the fact that Aker Solutions is using a digital monitoring system, and are impressed with the nearly 100% control and the benefits of the new advanced system. They can also rest assured that the accuracy is reliable and they appreciate Aker Solutions as one of the industry’s forerunners.

Digital monitoring gives us an important competitive advantage. Our welding coordinators have a reliable tool to assure that welders are welding inside approved WPS welding parameters, while welders themselves have a tool for controlling the heat input they are working with. The scope of such control can be increased up to 100% if necessary. As welding coordinators, we have never had better control over what is happening in the workshops”, says Sergei Zakhvataev.

Aker Solutions has an ambitious goal for the digitalization of working processes. WeldEye helped digitalize the welding parameter monitoring process and eliminate the need for manual monitoring which previously required significant resources in terms of time and money. WeldEye is helping us increase our competitiveness in the market.

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